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Remote Working During a Global Health Crisis - Ask an Expert

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Remote Working During a Global Health Crisis - Ask an Expert

May 01, 2020

Check out FSEAP’s very own Gregg Taylor from FSEAP Vancouver as he talks about employee mental health and well-being while working from home. Gregg highlights the concepts of grief relative to  our experiences and disruptions as a result of COVID-19. Additionally,  he talks about how a change in our normal routines, and the concept of  working from home, are impacting our productivity at work. Lastly, some  strategies for decompression and stress reduction are shared as well.

Webinar Information

This  virtual panel hosted by the Work Wellness Institute describes the  essentials to safe and healthy remote working during the current crisis.  The panel is co-moderated by the Work Wellness Institute’s President and Chief Executive Officer Cameron Stockdale, and includes experts in  mental health, ergonomics, employer legal standards, and occupational  therapy.

These experts speak  to the changes required in workplaces due to the global health crisis  and answer your questions about navigating this new context. Workplaces  in all sectors are facing the impact of the pandemic, leaving many with  questions about evolving work environments. Many of these questions are  addressed by our panelists, and strategies and solutions are provided.

Topics include:

  • Personal well-being and mental health;

  • Employer responsibilities and employee rights;

  • Work-life balance in remote working environments;

  • Maintaining productivity and working relationships.

Webinar Resources:

  • Managing the Stress of COVID-19 (Handouts)

  • Employer & Employee Remote Work (Checklist)

  • How to Talk with an Employee or Colleague about their Mental Health (Article)

  • Ergonomics Tips for Working from Home (Tip sheet)

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