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Online Programs

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Online, self-paced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Programs

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Self-directed, personalized online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy programs.


Evolution Health Systems offers an interactive, digital Cognitive Behavioural Therapy treatment program designed to help individuals to overcome depression and anxiety, achieve healthy weight, or quit smoking. Access guidance that is specifically created to help with:


  • Managing and Overcoming Anxiety

  • Overcoming Depression

  • Healthy Weight

  • Quit Smoking

  • Relationships

  • Resolving Disputes

  • Shyness and Sensitivity

  • Role Transitions

  • Grief and Loss

  • Moving Forward


The program utilizes proven approaches and evidence-based therapies to help individuals decrease symptoms by building the knowledge, skills and insight necessary to achieve their goals. Program modules include assessments, progress and symptom trackers, information sessions, tips and tools, discussions and worksheets, and questions to get you thinking, motivated, and help you move forward. 

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Stress Strategies

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77% of Canadians say they have at least one source of excessive stress. If stress is impacting you negatively, you might want to find more effective ways for managing with stress. Stress Strategies was created to help you do that.

What is Stress Strategies?


“Stress Strategies looks at stress as a problem that can be addressed solved, or at least improved, using practical problem-solving methods.


Stress Strategies:


  • provides a variety of research-backed stress management strategies

  • shares real life stories of how people use these specific strategies to manage their stress more effectively

  • guides you through a few questions to help you make use of these various strategies


When finished, you’ll be able to download or print your own personalized stress management plan."

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Coping better with night work

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Working at night is not normal for humans and this work schedule causes problems for most people. However, it is possible to reduce these problems with a better understanding of the effects of night work on sleep and health, and by applying some strategies. Marie Dumont holds a Ph.D. in neurosciences. She is a researcher at the Center for Advanced Research in Sleep Medicine (CARSM) in  Montreal and professor at University of Montreal since 1990. Her main research topic is sleep regulation and biological rhythms, especially in night workers. She developed this web tutorial with Le-cours to offer night workers reliable, free and accessible information to help them cope better with night work.


The tutorial comprises four steps presented in four units. The first three units provide information on the effects that night work may have on you, especially on your sleep. They aim to help you identify the problems you may have and the obstacles preventing you from sleeping well when you are working nights. The fourth unit proposes many strategies that you may find appropriate to your situation and that you may like to try.


The entire course lasts about an hour and a half. Each unit takes between 15 to 30 minutes to complete. Each unit can be done independently and at different times.

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