Transform your workplace culture.

Optimize employee well-being, engagement, and performance with

FSEAP's Positive Workplace Framework


Today's Workplaces have never been under more stress.

FSEAP's Positive Workplace Framework™ (PWF) assist's organizations in implementing evidence-informed strengths-based practices that contribute to healthy, safe, and effective workplace environments.

The PWF provides a cost-effective strategy for:

  • Increasing employee well-being, engagement, and performance.

  • Lowering costs related to absenteeism, stressful workplace interactions, and low productivity.

PWF works by focusing on three core workplace practice areas: Mental Fitness, Resiliency, and Positive Leadership Practices


PWF is designed to capture, and respond, to the unique needs and cultures of companies, by providing a evidence-informed, framework approach from which to organize efficient and effective employee wellness programs and services. Our PWF approach:

  • Emphasizes positive, or strength-focused methods.

  • Utilizes services and products that are easily tailored to meet the unique needs of each workplace and organizational setting.


  • Provides learning opportunities that contribute to healthy workplace relationships, effective management practices, and high employee engagement, and productivity.


  • Is available in three formats: on-site, facilitated sessions, online self-study; or via monthly webinars. 


Training and certification of HR specialists and leaders as Wellness Champions is provided as part of the PWF service offerings.

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