Stop Smoking Center

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Have you been thinking about quitting? The Stop Smoking Center is an online self-guided behaviour change e-health program that has been designed to support three specific 'quitter' types: current smokers,

  • occasional smokers, and

  • those smokers who are thinking about quitting, but not yet ready.

It's designed to help different types of smokers better cope with the challenges they'll encounter as they work towards achieving a smoke-free lifestyle. The program offers:

  • Educational information about smoking and quitting.

  • Behaviour change and motivation exercises.

  • Quit tools and resources, such as diary's and withdrawal symptom trackers.

  • Access to health educators.

  • Coping types and inspiration text messaging.

  • Crisis coping plans.

  • Social networking tools that allow members to connect with others, but stay anonymous.

  • And, more....

This program is FREE.

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