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Positive Workplace Practices Series


Positive Workplace Practices Series (June 2020)

View recordings of the live webinars and handouts for each session.

  • Session 2: Team Resiliency Practices--introduces team resiliency practices that are essential for building on the Mental Fitness practices outlined in session 1. Resiliency practices assist workplace teams in navigating and moving forward through times of change, challenge, or transition.

  • Session 3: Positive Leadership Practices--focuses on the use of Positive Leadership practices for promoting and sustaining healthy and effective teams. Five areas of leadership development are examined based on recent innovations and evidence from the positive psychology domain.

  • Session 4: Measuring and Building Positive Workplace Environments--places emphasis on the value of measuring and developing plans for enhancing wellbeing and resiliency in the workplace. The use of the Mental Fitness and Resiliency Inventory (MFRI) to measure and align resources for the promotion of positive workplace practices in daily routines and interactions is presented.

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