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MindBeacon's  Guided iCBT Programs for FSEAP

MindBeacon's Programs for FSEAP

Le contenu de cette page est actuellement disponible en anglais uniquement, une version française est en cours de développement.


Guided iCBT

MindBeacon’s Therapist-Guided iCBT Program is an online mental health solution.

The program is therapist-guided, internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (iCBT) delivered privately and securely through our online platform. With iCBT, each client is paired with a dedicated, registered mental health professional for the duration of treatment. This pairing is designed to ensure that each client has access to a customized treatment plan in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

What is Therapist-Guided iCBT?

Through MindBeacon, therapists provide Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), a clinically-proven method to improve mood and anxiety concerns – typically within weeks.


MindBeacon therapists are all registered mental health professionals experienced in providing CBT treatment online. They create and modify personalized care paths for clients while providing support and guidance.

The program provides tailored iCBT therapy for mental health conditions including:

  • Managing stress

  • Posttraumatic stress

  • Coping with chronic pain

  • Social anxiety

  • Coping with chronic illness

  • Panic

  • Health anxiety

  • General anxiety and worry

  • Managing alcohol use

  • Depression

  • Building better relationships

  • Tackling insomnia

  • Returning to work

MindBeacon adheres to all regulations to protect data security and privacy of users. The platform was developed and is hosted on servers in Canada. MindBeacon’s Therapist-Guided iCBT Program is HIPAA, PHIPA, and PIPEDA compliant.

How does the Guided iCBT program work?

​Accessed by phone, tablet, or computer, the program requires clients to complete an online assessment, followed by a tailored course of iCBT therapy guided by a registered therapist.

Workplace HR and wellness teams are supported with MindBeacon for FSEAP through a turnkey program. We provide a wealth of resources and communication tools to help organizations effectively promote MindBeacon through FSEAP.

Through FSEAP, MindBeacon provides employers with user activity and performance data
on a monthly and/or quarterly basis. Anonymized, aggregate-level reports provide organizations with access to utilization and effectiveness rates; our data also shows the overall impact of MindBeacon on organizational wellness. Some limitations apply with organization-specific data reporting in order to maintain confidentiality of service users.

In a recent study of the effectiveness of MindBeacon’s Therapist-Guided iCBT Program, the results demonstrate that our online therapy solution is as effective as traditional face-to-face treatment.

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