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For Workplaces

Support for Canadian Organizations

The COVID-19 pandemic is taking an unprecedented toll on Canadian organizations and their workforces. FSEAP offers a range of programs and services to support employers and help them address the needs of their employees during COVID-19.

  • Employee and Family Assistance Program--designed to support employee mental health and well-being

  • Workplace Training

  • Workplace Consultations

  • Critical Incident and Trauma Response Services

  • Curated COVID-19 Workplace Resources

  • Resources for Employees & Family Members

FSEAP's services are accessible remotely from any location.

Learn more about our services and solutions

Le contenu de cette page est actuellement disponible en anglais uniquement, une version française est en cours de développement.

FSEAP Updates & Insights


FSEAP Insights

External COVID-19 Resources for Workplaces (General)


Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

Conference Board of Canada

Institut National de psychiatrie légale – Philippe-Pinel

Ottawa Public Health

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) – Dr. Bill Howatt and Louise Bradley (CEO Health & Safety Leadership Network)

Ext Resources
by Sector

External COVID-19 Resources by Sector

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