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Resource Kits for Family/Life's Stages and Well-being

As part of FSEAP's Work/Life services, Resource Kits are available to eligible employees and family members as part of an organization's EFAP benefit. Kits are full of educational information and self-help resources, including popular, research-based books, pamphlets, tips sheets, learning tools, and activities that will strengthen family bonds, enhance relationships, support mental well-being, and more. Resource Kits are great as materials for independent self-study, or as an adjunct to EFAP counselling.


To order a Kit through your program benefit, please give us a call or Login to submit a service request form.

NOTE: If you are an organizational or human resources representative and would like to make a bulk order, please contact us.


Kits are available on the following topics.

Working Together

Beating Burnout

Burnout can make us feel exhausted, isolated, irritable, and stressed out. The Burnout kit was created to help individuals better understand the emotional, physical, and mental impact of burnout and personal stress. Learn how to beat burnout and work towards a healthier well-being.

Work, Stress

Working Together

Expecting a Baby

This kit prepares mothers and families for a new infant. The contents cover topics including healthy eating, breastfeeding, your new role as a parent, attachment, and self-care.

Parenting, Pregnancy, Family

Working Together

Parenting Your Pre-Teen to Teen

Information on various topics related to establishing a trusting and genuine relationship with your pre-teen. Topics include puberty, development of identity, and parenting.

Parenting, Pre-Teen, Family

Working Together

Working Through Anxiety

This package is designed to provide tools to individuals experiencing low to moderate anxiety. Workbooks teach research-based techniques to reduce symptoms of generalized anxiety, panic, phobias, and more.


Working Together

Coping with Grief and Loss

This package is designed to support individuals experiencing the recent loss of a loved one. The topics highlighted in the resources include processing grief, coping with emotions, facing adversity, building resiliency, and finding strength.

Grief, Loss

Working Together

Financial Empowerment

This package is designed to provide tools to assist individuals with financial planning and saving. Workbooks teach research-based techniques to improve financial standing and reduce financial stress.

Money Management, Budgeting

Working Together

Parenting your Preschool to School-Aged Child

Information on various topics related to physical and mental health for you and your growing school-aged child such as nutrition, transition to school, dealing with bullying, and positive discipline.

Parenting, School Age, Family

Working Together

Your Newborn Baby

This package is designed to support families in the first two years of their infant’s life. The kit contains tools and information on attachment, play, breastfeeding, and more.

Parenting, Infant, Family

Working Together

Coping with Low Mood and Depression

Designed support to adults experiencing symptoms of depression and low mood, this kit includes self-help resources that teach cognitive-behavioral techniques to increase self-esteem, cut out negative self-talk, and enhance social connections.


Working Together

Healthy Relationships for Couples

This kit can help couples enrich and enhance their relationship and build communication skills. These research-based tools support couples by building intimacy, increasing joy and play, and teaching strategies for managing conflict.

Relationships, Couples, Intimacy

Working Together

Preparing for Retirement

This kit is designed to support adults preparing for the emotional, social, and financial changes that accompany retirement. This kit offers books and resources to help you navigate the Canadian Pension System, and find happiness in a satisfying and meaningful retirement.

Retirement, Money Management

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