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Learning programs and resources for leaders

and employees.

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Training Programs

Workplace learning programs resource employees to better manage stress, change, relationships, and their careers--fostering resilience and improved productivity for your organization.

FSEAP has a range of workshops and seminars that enable employees at all levels to master common work and life challenges and improve their effectiveness. Topics cover a broad range of issues related to work performance, personal health and well-being, team functioning, and organizational development.


Training sessions are available from one hour to one day in duration. Varying group sizes balance intensity and participation. Some training sessions are designed exclusively for Webinar delivery (as indicated), while other short-format sessions may be adapted for either in-person or Webinar.

Workplace Health

  • Building Effective Teams

  • Bullying, Violence, & Harassment

  • Compassion Fatigue & Vicarious Trauma

  • Conflict in the Workplace

  • Coping with Organizational Change

  • Dealing with Difficult People

  • Effective Workplace Communication

  • Grief and Loss in the Workplace

  • Healthy Living for Shift Workers

  • Managing Multiple Priorities

  • Mental Health in the Workplace

  • Organizational Resiliency

  • Positive Leadership

  • Respect in the Workplace

  • Skills for Managers

  • Substance Abuse Awareness

  • Supporting Struggling Employees

  • Trauma in the Workplace

Money & Finances

  • Budgeting & Money Management

  • Credit and Borrowing

  • Debt Management

  • Dealing with Money Worries

  • Holiday Spending Challenges

  • Identity Theft

  • Investing Basics

  • Managing Money in Relationships

  • Money Basics for Newcomers

  • Planning for a Baby

  • Preparing for Home Ownership

  • Preparing for Income Loss

  • Psychology of Spending

  • Retirement Strategies

  • Raising Financially Responsible Children

  • Saving for Post-Secondary Education

  • Vacations on a Budget

Guiding Families

  • Caring for the Caregiver

  • Dealing with Bullying

  • ​Effective Communication for Couples

  • Parenting: Your Toddler and You

  • Parenting: Your School Aged Child

  • Parenting: Your Teenager and You

  • Parenting through Divorce and Separation

  • Parenting in Blended Families

  • Positive Parenting Strategies

  • Relationship Dynamics
  • The Sandwich Generation

Mental Health & Well-being

  • Dealing with Anger

  • Depression & Low Mood

  • Dimensions of Wellness

  • Increasing Assertiveness

  • Healthy Sleep Strategies

  • Mindfulness in Everyday Life

  • Overcoming Anxiety

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder

  • Self-Care & Self-Compassion

  • Stress Management

  • Strategies for Building Resilience

  • Surviving the Holiday Season

  • Work-Life Balance


  • Aging Well

  • Athletic Performance

  • Coaching through Change

  • Core Strength & Stability

  • Desk Exercising

  • Exercise & Fitness

  • Health Screening

  • Healthy Attitudes & Lifestyle Practices

  • Healthy Workplace Habits

  • Improving Energy Levels 

  • Men’s Health

  • Preventing Slips and Falls

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Technology & Health

  • Understanding your Metabolism

  • Women's Health 


  • Chronic Disease Prevention

  • Eating as a Family

  • Eating for Shift Workers

  • Grocery Shopping & Labels

  • Healthy Eating & Eating on the Go

  • Healthy Workplace Habits

  • Meal Planning & Preparation

  • Mindful Eating

  • Nutrition Strategies for Stress

  • Optimizing Food for Performance​

Career Planning

  • Career Laddering

  • Leveraging your Transferable Skills

  • Mid-Life Career Changes

  • Retirement Lifestyle Planning

  • Time Management

If you are interested in a topic that you do not see listed, please contact us to discuss options for development of a custom session.

Want to learn more about our training solutions?

Connect with a workplace consultant to find a training solution that meets your needs:

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