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Transform your workplace culture.

Optimize employee well-being, engagement, and performance with
FSEAP's Positive Workplace Framework


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Today's Workplaces have never been under more stress.

FSEAP's Positive Workplace Framework™ (PWF) assists organizations in implementing evidence-informed strengths-based practices that contribute to healthy, safe, and effective workplace environments.

The PWF provides a cost-effective strategy for:

  • Increasing employee well-being, engagement, and performance.

  • Lowering costs related to absenteeism, stressful workplace interactions, and low productivity.

PWF works by focusing on three core workplace practice areas: Mental Fitness, Resiliency, and Positive Leadership Practices

Positive Workplace Framework™

PWF is designed to capture, and respond, to the unique needs and cultures of companies, by providing a strategic framework approach from which to organize efficient and effective employee wellness programs and services. Our PWF approach:

  • Emphasizes positive, or strength-focused methods.

  • Utilizes services and products that are easily tailored to meet the unique needs of each workplace and organizational setting.

  • Provides learning opportunities that contribute to healthy workplace relationships, effective management practices, and high employee engagement, and productivity.

  • Is available in three formats: on-site, facilitated sessions, online self-study; or via monthly webinars. 


Training and certification of HR specialists and leaders as Wellness Champions is provided as part of the PWF service offerings.


Well-being Optimized

“Current research underscores the importance of creating workplace cultures that foster the psychological health and wellness of employees within their team and work environments. Healthy workplaces support wellbeing, are psychologically safe, and provide the basis for effective team functioning. Organizations can be proactive by taking targeted action to safeguard the wellbeing of employees and ensuring the creation of positive and healthy workplace cultures.”

Dr. Patti Peterson and Dr. Bill Morrison, WMA Wellness

Promote and Embed Positive Workplace Practices

PWF's allows public and private sector organizations and corporations to build capacity for promoting and embedding evidence-based positive workplace practices over the long term.

• Our products and services equip human resource professionals, managers and leaders with the skills and resources for applying, modelling and training others in positive workplace practices.

Validated measures (Mental Fitness and Resiliency Inventory, Positive Leadership Inventory) are used to monitor changes in workplace culture that contribute to optimized workplace environments (Well-being, Engagement, Performance).

• Employees and leaders trained and certified in the PWF have access to a comprehensive online resource platform that will enable them to strategically plan, implement and embed Mental Fitness, Resiliency and Positive Leadership Practices.

Connect with a workplace consultant to learn more about our Positive Workplace Framework and how it can transform your workplace.


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