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You need your employees to be healthy, focused, and at work. Our mission is to help employees to get better and stay well, so your business can thrive. We innovate and collaborate to ensure they can get the right help, at the right time.


Our Employee and Family Assistance Program services address a broad range of employee and family issues.

Employee and Family Assistance Program Services



Counselling Services

FSEAP's EFAP short-term counselling services are confidential and include the following:

24/7 Access and Crisis Support​

  • 1.800 Voice and TTY accessible from anywhere in North America

  • Multi-lingual

  • Offers immediate crisis support and stabilization, crisis counselling, assessment, and referral services

Personal Counselling

  • Effective short-term, professional counselling for individuals, couples, and families

  • Available as in-person, telephone, e-counselling, or video sessions

  • Able to address a broad range of mental health issues and concerns that include anxiety, depression, stress, traumatic experiences, family and parenting concerns, relationship challenges, substance use concerns and addictions, grief/loss, struggles with change or life transitions, and more.

Please note that not all employers or organizations purchase the same service options for their EFAP benefit. Eligibility for services may be easily confirmed by contacting one of our toll free numbers or submitting an online request


Work/Life Support

Recognizing the complexities of life and balancing family and personal commitments, FSEAP provides a variety of Work/Life consultation services to help clients manage work and personal life responsibilities and reach their goals.

Take care of family:

​Resolve personal concerns:

  • Career Counselling

  • Financial Coaching and Credit Counselling

  • Legal Referral and Advisory Services

  • Life Coaching

Improve health and well-being:

  • Health Coaching

  • Nutrition Counselling

  • Smoking Cessation Support

Please note that not all employers or organizations purchase the same service options for their EFAP benefit. Eligibility for services may be easily confirmed by contacting one of our toll free numbers or submitting an online request


Resources to Enhance Health and Well-being

FSEAP provides an online health and wellness resource library, offering articles, e-newsletters, videos and podcasts, e-books, learning modules, and links to web resources for employees' self-study online. Each topic includes an overview of related information, resources, and strategies for personal change and development.

Within this online resource library, clients can study in the privacy of their own homes or offices, and choose the pace at which they wish to proceed. There are a variety of topics available, including (but not limited to) elder care, healthy weight, mental health and emotional well-being (such as depression and anxiety), life transitions, nutrition, physical health, relationships, parenting and family.



Managing Your EFAP

The strongest, most impactful EFAP programs are the result of a collaboration between an organization's key people leaders and their EAP provider. We understand that consistent, effective, and responsive program management is a critical factor for a successful collaboration. To ensure the successful implementation and operation of an EFAP, each of our customers is assigned a dedicated account manager who is an experienced EAP professional that understands the workplace health issues organizations face every day. Passionate about workplace health and well-being, our account managers help connect our customers with the right tools and resources to get the greatest benefit from their EFAP, including:

  • EFAP and Wellness Promotion: A variety of materials to promote ongoing awareness and utilization of the EFAP, and to promote general health and well-being to the workforce.

  • Comprehensive Utilization Reporting: Quarterly and/or annual reporting on program utilization to provide insights into the usage trends and inform planning for ongoing program success.

  • Management Consultations: Telephonic access to workplace consultants to support supervisors and managers to effectively address employee, team, and workplace issues. Learn more

  • Workplace Training: Training to support employee well-being and organizational initiatives and goals. Learn more


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Founded in 1974, we are a national provider of employee assistance programs (EAP), employee and family assistance programs (EFAP), workplace health & wellness solutions.

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