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Workplace Training

Training Solutions

Our management, organizational, and employee training sessions cover a broad range of topics and issues related to personal health and well-being, team functioning, and organizational development. FSEAP provides holistic training as part of our Positive Workplace FrameworkTM interventions, as well as stand-alone workplace health and wellness training.


Our training programs: 

  • teach and encourage the development of a healthy and productive lifestyle in and outside of work;

  • promote awareness of health issues and offer support strategies for dealing with personal and workplace challenges;

  • build the skills and capacities of employees at all levels for improved working relationships and organizational performance; and

  • improve workplace functioning.

Every session is an opportunity to reach out to employees and remind them of the ways in which their EFAP can assist them. Explore FSEAP's Training Programs

These training sessions can be presented as “Lunch-N-Learns” or more in-depth, multi-hour seminars, workshops, or facilitated discussions at the workplace or via webinar.

Connect with a workplace consultant to find a training solution that meets your needs:


Toll-free:  1-877-553-7327 (English/French)

TTY:          1-888-234-0414


The Supportive Workplace
Promoting Mental Well-being in the Workplace


On-demand Learning and Certification for Managers

This seven-module online course offers insight, tools, and best practices to recognize and address the signs of low mental well-being in the workplace to effectively promote employee mental health and work productivity.


Designed for front-line managers to help them gain the knowledge and skills to lead an effective conversation on mental health-related issues, identify suitable ways of support if one of their employees is experiencing a mental health problem, practice self-care to meet their own needs, and apply long-term interventions to create a supportive and psychologically safe workplace environment.

  • On-demand videos

  • Interactive exercises, scripts, and quizzes

  • Downloadable workbook

  • Certificate of completion

  • 12-months of access


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Positive Workplace Framework™

Transform workplace culture, improve employee engagement, and productivity

For organizations interested in making a transformative change with respect to employee engagement and organizational resiliency, FSEAP has designed an evidence-informed Positive Workplace Framework™ (PWF) to assist organizations in achieving optimal workplace wellness.


PWF is a proven strategy for increasing employee engagement and performance through enhanced mental fitness, resiliency, positive leadership, and wellness practices. It is designed to capture, and respond, to the unique needs and cultures of companies, by providing a strategic framework approach from which to organize efficient and effective employee wellness programs and services. Our PWF approach:

  • Emphasizes positive, or strength-focused methods.

  • Utilizes services and products that are easily tailored to meet the unique needs of each workplace and organizational setting.

  • Provides learning opportunities that contribute to healthy workplace relationships, effective management practices, and high employee engagement, and productivity.

  • Is available in three formats: on-site, facilitated sessions, online self-study; or via monthly webinars. 


Training and certification of HR specialists and leaders as Wellness Champions is provided as part of the PWF service offerings.

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