Workplace Training



Our management, organizational, and employee training sessions cover a broad range of topics and issues related to personal health and well-being, team functioning, and organizational development. FSEAP provides holistic training as part of our Positive Workplace FrameworkTM interventions, as well as stand-alone workplace health and wellness training.


Our training programs: 

  • teach and encourage the development of a healthy and productive lifestyle in and outside of work;

  • promote awareness of health issues and offer support strategies for dealing with personal and workplace challenges;

  • build the skills and capacities of employees at all levels for improved working relationships and organizational performance; and

  • improve workplace functioning.

Every session is an opportunity to reach out to employees and remind them of the ways in which their EFAP can assist them. Explore FSEAP's Training Programs

These training sessions can be presented as “Lunch-N-Learns” or more in-depth, multi-hour seminars, workshops, or facilitated discussions at the workplace or via webinar.

Connect with a workplace consultant to find a training solution that meets your needs:

Toll-free:  1-877-553-7327 (English/French)

TTY:          1-888-234-0414