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Confidential and voluntary support service that helps employees, and their families.



Employee & Family Assistance Program

You need your employees to be healthy, focused, and at work. Our mission is to help employees get better and stay well, so your business can thrive. We innovate and collaborate to ensure they can get the right help, at the right time. 

Our Employee and Family Assistance Program services address a broad range of employee and family issues. 

Confidential & Professional Assistance

to help your people thrive.

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Confidential, professional counselling for employees and their family members to help them build skills and find solutions to resolve personal, family, and work-related challenges. 

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Expert consultation services to help clients balance work and personal life responsibilities and reach their goals. 

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Therapist guided, internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (iCBT) -- programs to support a variety of mental health concerns and help individuals build the skills to thrive. 

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Curated, online health and wellness resources (such as articles, videos, online programs, and more) to support individuals to well-being and resilience. 



EFAP is a 24/7/365, confidential and voluntary support service that helps employees, and their families find the right options and solutions to resolve personal, family, or work-related challenges. Whether they want to improve communication in their relationships, stop smoking, or find a better way to manage personal finances, FSEAP’s counsellors and expert consultants can assist them in taking the steps that can lead to meaningful change.

Managing Your EFAP

The strongest, most impactful EFAP programs are the result of a collaboration between an organization's key people leaders and their EFAP provider. ​We understand that consistent, effective, and responsive program management is a critical factor for a successful collaboration.


To ensure the successful implementation and operation of an EFAP, each of our customers is assigned a dedicated account manager who is an experienced EAP professional that understands the workplace health issues organizations face every day.

Passionate about workplace health and well-being, our account managers help connect our customers with the right tools and resources to get the greatest benefit from their EFAP, including:

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  • EFAP and Wellness Promotion:

A variety of materials to promote ongoing awareness and utilization of the EFAP, and to promote general health and well-being to the workforce. 

  • Comprehensive Utilization Reporting:

Quarterly and/or annual reporting on program utilization to provide insights into the usage trends and inform planning for ongoing program success.  

  • Management Consultations:

Telephonic access to workplace consultants to support supervisors and managers to effectively address employee, team, and workplace issues. Learn more

  • Management (Supervisor) Referral Program:

Mandated or monitored employee referrals to address issues impacting employee performance at work (i.e. anger or substance misuse issues). Learn more

  • Workplace Training:

Training to support employee well-being and organizational initiatives and goals. Learn more

  • Critical Incident Response Services:

Specialized consultation to help assess, make recommendations, and coordinate support for employees impacted by workplace traumatic events. Learn more

Benefits of an EFAP from FSEAP

We help employees get back to work and stay at work.

​As many as 30% of all unscheduled absences are related to personal and family concerns, such as relationship difficulties, childcare issues, and mental health problems. Outcome studies show a 72% decrease in days absent among employees who used our EFAP. 

We help keep employees focused and productive.

​Personal and family problems can significantly impact an employee's ability to stay focused and productive at work.  Outcome studies show a 53% reduction in presenteeism in employees who used our EFAP. Studies further show 5.6 days of lost productive time restored among employees who used our EFAP-- 2.19 days better than the average of the EAP industry.

We get high client satisfaction scores. 

​In 2016, client satisfaction survey results showed: 

  • 99% would recommend the EFAP to others 

  • 99% satisfaction with their initial contact with FSEAP

  • 89% reporting their ability to deal with the issue that brought them to the EFAP "improved" or significantly improved"

Looking for help with a current workplace issue? Email or call us anytime

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