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Solutions to help balance work and life.


Work/Life Balance Supports


Recognizing the complexities of life and balancing family and personal commitments, FSEAP provides a variety of Work/Life balance consultation services to help clients manage work and personal life responsibilities and reach their goals.

Take care of family:

  • Family Care (Child & Eldercare) Consultation and Resources – Professional consultation, resources, and information to help clients take care of their families, including information about daycare centres, childcare services, care for children with special needs, home support services, elder care needs, long-term care and seniors’ housing, day programs, health services, and social and educational programs.


  • Resource Kits – for Family and Life Stages – FSEAP’s kits provide tips, resources, and information designed to help strengthen family relationships and improve wellbeing. They cover various general topics, including parenting at various ages, supporting different life transitions, and improving mental health and wellbeing. 

Resolve personal concerns:


  • Career Counselling – Our career specialists provide consultations on issues including educational planning, career advancement and career changes, interview preparation, and resume preparation. Career services also include options for comprehensive career assessment and consultation to identify and target career goals and identify opportunities and options for personal and professional growth.

  • Financial Coaching and Credit Counselling – We offer consultations with CPAs and Certified Credit Counsellors to assist clients with budgeting, setting financial goals, managing changes in personal situations, and debt management.

  • Legal Referral and Advisory Services – Clients may speak with practicing lawyers who are skilled in their areas of need for a 30-minute telephone or in-person consultation. Lawyers are available to provide guidance in matters of civil, family, motor vehicle, wills and estates, real estate, immigration, and criminal law. Should a client elect to retain the lawyer to whom they were referred, a discount of up to 25% on fees is offered.

  • Life Coaching – An alternative to traditional counselling, our coaching service guides clients and employees at all levels to achieve personal and professional growth.  Life coaching is present and future-oriented and helpful for individuals looking to identify goals for change, overcome challenges, and unlock their potential. Coaching is provided through telephone consultations with a Certified Life Coach and the provision of individualized resources.

Improve health and well-being:​

  • LIFT Session - LIFT Session is a digital fitness and wellness platform focused on helping organizations build a more active and engaged workforce by providing world-class fitness and wellness benefits. LIFT includes personalized wellness journeys with a library of different workout types (yoga, HIIT, low-impact, prenatal, and more!) and the ability to chat with wellness experts. A wide variety of classes are accessible to all fitness levels, accommodate any schedule, and require no equipment.

  • Health Coaching - Our service connects clients with certified health coaches who embrace a holistic wellness philosophy that involves working with individuals from an “inside out approach”: achieving small, incremental steps based on the individual’s goals, readiness, values, beliefs, pace, and tolerance to change and priorities. Our coaches assist clients in making positive lifestyle changes (i.e. meditation, weight management, nutrition, stress management, etc.) through a combination of assessments, health and wellness resources, exercises and 1-to-1 personal coaching. This unique coaching approach, combined with web-based resources and wellness workbooks, results in a positive experience and a high level of lasting change.


  • Nutritional Counselling – Our service offers advice about issues such as weight loss, healthy eating, and specific health and diet risks related to conditions such as cancer or diabetes. Further, these services include an evaluation and interview with a dietician qualified to recommend and monitor a structured diet plan, including follow-up and support.

  • Smoking Cessation Support – As behavioural health specialists, we recognize the psychological significance of the decision to quit smoking and the challenge of overcoming nicotine dependency. Our smoking cessation support services provide information to support the decision to quit, information about treatment options for nicotine dependency, and clinical counselling support (where needed), to help “quitters” stay on track.

Please note that not all employers or organizations purchase the same service options for their EFAP benefit. Eligibility for services may be easily confirmed by contacting one of our toll free numbers or submitting an online request

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