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Wellness Challenges

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LIFT Session

Preventative digital wellness built for organizations to have healthy, happy, and engaged employees

Workplace Wellness Challenges

LIFT Session Wellness Challenges are tailored challenges for organizations built to keep employees excited and more engaged. These team-based, company-wide challenges make it fun to get active. Participants can work out anytime from anywhere, regardless of their fitness level or access to equipment.

Considering that everyone is different, employees can participate in the challenge in different ways - like walking, cycling, yoga, and more! Participants can challenge colleagues and share their journey on a private company feed and private group chats while collecting points. The social feed allows for company-wide and team-based interactions to help motivate, engage and connect employees. Employees accumulate points for every minute of activity rather than performance-based metrics. The key is to enable the intent to move! LIFT provides data on participation, usage, and employee feedback to organizations, enabling them to prove the service is achieving its intended goals!

Organizations who launch turnkey LIFT session challenges and follow our Best Practice Guide achieve these results:

  • 184% of recommended weekly physical activity

  • 276 minutes of weekly activity per employee

  • 92% employee satisfaction with the desire to participate in another challenge

  • 39% average employee participation

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