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Solutions that keep organizations and their employees functioning at their best.


Workplace Supports

FSEAP offers specialized solutions to assist organizations in addressing specific employee, team, or workplace issues that can interfere with performance, productivity, and engagement. Our specialized solutions are designed to assist with mental health, addictions, change, workplace conflict, leadership development, and overall workplace wellness and resiliency. ​

  • Traumatic workplace events

  • Workplace change

  • Workplace conflicts​

  • Performance concerns

  • Substance mis-use or addictions

Critical Incident and Trauma Support

No one can predict when a traumatic event or critical incident will strike in the workplace. Having Critical Incident Response (CIR) services in place following a traumatic event is a helpful means of supporting employees in regaining their ability to function normally. 

FSEAP has been at the leading edge of critical incident response in Canada for decades and has developed deep resources in this field. We offer critical incident response using the principles of psychological first-aid. Rooted in best practices, we support individuals, teams, and organizations during crises and traumatic events.

From the first point of contact, we support the recovery of your organization, employees, union members, and dependents 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.

  • Immediate Telephonic Support--Managers, unions, or human resource professionals often benefit from assistance with managing workplace crises. When something happens that concerns you or your employees, call us. We're here to provide immediate and knowledgeable telephonic support.


  • Onsite Trauma Response--Organizations of all sizes count on us to provide immediate onsite services for situations that are potentially disruptive for workplaces, large and small, including robbery, death, suicide, challenging events in the communities in which we work, and layoffs. 


  • Ongoing Consultation--From the first point of contact to internal resolution, we support managers, employees, union representatives, union members, and dependents 24/7 through personal or workplace crises.

Critical Incident Response
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Looking for help with a current

workplace issue? Email or call us anytime

Management Referral Program

The Management Referral Program is for those customers wanting to address employee performance issues that have not been responsive to supervision and organizational interventions. FSEAP Management Referral Program services include workplace consultation and support for managers, EFAP intervention services for the referred employee, case management, and follow-up.

Workplace Interventions


FSEAP offers on-site clinical support during times of organizational downsizing or layoffs, major change, transition initiatives, or as a follow-up to traumatic or unsettling events.


​Some of the services we provide include:

  • Group or team interventions

  • One-on-one interventions

  • 24/7 telephonic support for managers to diffuse any situation

Mediation &
Conflict Resolution


Unresolved conflict can severely affect workplace communication, work performance, and employee job satisfaction, and as a result, be costly in terms of lost productivity. Our Mediation and Conflict Resolution Service is a professional and confidential service designed to assist employees with resolving conflict in the workplace. Conflict is a common occurrence, but unfortunately, resolution can be difficult, especially if the parties involved have a personal stake in the outcome. Tempers can flare; hurt feelings can inhibit meaningful communication; people can say things out of anger and frustration that they may regret later. FSEAP offers mediation services to assist employees in resolving conflict in a respectful and productive manner.

Management Referral
Mediation/Conflict Resolution
Specialize Workplac Interventon

Substance Abuse Professional Services

Substance abuse in the workplace can be hazardous, leading to increased risk of injuries or accidents. An employee's judgement, perception, motor coordination, alertness, and emotional state can be negatively impacted by problematic substance abuse while at work. Additionally, the after-effects of substance use, such as hangovers or withdrawal, can have a detrimental effect on  job performance. For employees in safety sensitive positions, the risks of substance abuse at work can be deadly.


We have a dedicated, highly specialized, and qualified Substance Abuse Professional services (SAPs) team, including centralized coordination with a master’s level addictions specialist. Whether dealing with a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)-regulated or non-DOT-regulated organization, our SAPs use standardized assessment tools to ensure that employees with substance abuse disorders are identified quickly, receive referrals for appropriate treatment, and that all safety, legislative, and policy requirements are met. We have access to a network of facilities across the country, but are not affiliated with any facility or treatment centre, to ensure our customers’ employees are matched with the services and facilities most appropriate to meet their needs.


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Workplace Management Consultations

From dealing with sensitive employee issues, performance management concerns, policy development, workplace conflicts, or employees with mental health concerns, our Workplace Consultants are available to provide real-time advice and guidance to help managers or people leaders address critical personnel concerns. Management consultations are ideal for helping organizations of all sizes support their people leaders in addressing challenging individual or team situations with increased skill and confidence.

Explore our Manager Supports

Manager Consults
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