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Why have an EFAP from FSEAP?


We help employees get back to work and stay at work.

​As many as 30% of all unscheduled absences are related to personal and family concerns, such as relationship difficulties, childcare issues, and mental health problems. Outcome studies show a 72% decrease in days absent among employees who used our EFAP. 

We help keep employees focused and productive.

​Personal and family problems can significantly impact an employee's ability to stay focused and productive at work.  Outcome studies show a 53% reduction in presenteeism in employees who used our EFAP. Studies further show 5.6 days of lost productive time restored among employees who used our EFAP-- 2.19 days better than the average of the EAP industry.

We get high client satisfaction scores. 

​In 2016, client satisfaction survey results showed: 

  • 99% would recommend the EFAP to others 

  • 99% satisfaction with their initial contact with FSEAP

  • 89% reporting their ability to deal with the issue that brought them to the EFAP "improved" or significantly improved"

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What makes us the right choice?


Our "right help, at the right time" motto reflects our team's philosophy of client care and inspires our commitment to source and develop new solutions to meet our customers' needs.  We respond to the complex needs of organizations small or large, and deliver a hands-on, boutique-style service which is focused, flexible, accessible, and easy. 


As Canada's only national, not-for-profit, community-based EAP provider, we are unique. Our services are designed and delivered with the belief that people and their needs should always come first. This influences everything we do, from our program design, the qualifications of our staff and providers, how we count and report utilization, and to how we pay our providers. 


We have offices nation-wide with a real passion for their local communities, and a proven track record of innovating to respond to emerging community needs. We apply that same experience and expertise to our EFAP and workplace health solutions. With a strong network of clinical providers and expert consultants, we support organizations across Canada.


Our counselling services produce real results. Our counselling outcomes are 11% better for improved productivity and 21% better for reduced absenteeism than the EAP industry average.  With FSEAP, that means your employees are more focused and at work, and you get a greater return for your investment.

What Makes
Our Services
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Our Services and Solutions at a Glance

Our services take a comprehensive and integrated approach to employee and workplace health and resiliency. Our continuum of services is designed to help you support your employee wellness and create a psychologically healthy workplace. It doesn't matter how large or small, dispersed or centralized, your employee groups are. Our services are accessible, scalable, and deliver results that make a real difference for your employees and your bottom line.

Looking for guidance? Call or email us anytime.
Looking for guidance? Email or call us anytime.
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