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Workplace Services and Solutions

You need your employees to be healthy, focused, and at work. Our mission is to help employees to get better and stay well, so your business can thrive. We innovate and collaborate to ensure they can get the right help, at the right time.


Our Workplace Solutions address a broad range of employee, team, and workplace issues.

Workplace Training


Our management, organizational, and employee training sessions cover a broad range of topics and issues related to personal health and well-being, team functioning, and organizational development. FSEAP provides holistic training as part of our Positive Workplace FrameworkTM interventions, as well as stand-alone workplace health and wellness training. 


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Workplace Management Consultations

From dealing with sensitive employee issues, performance management concerns, policy development, workplace conflicts, or employees with mental health concerns, our Workplace Consultants are available to provide real-time advice and guidance to help managers or people leaders address critical personnel concerns. Management consultations are ideal for helping organizations of all sizes support their people leaders in addressing challenging individual or team situations with increased skill and confidence.


Workplace Support Services

Management Referral Program


The Management Referral Program is for those customers wanting to address employee performance issues that have not been responsive to supervision and organizational interventions. FSEAP Management Referral Program services include workplace consultation and support for managers, EFAP intervention services for the referred employee, case management, and follow-up.

Specialized Workplace Interventions

FSEAP offers on-site clinical support during times of organizational downsizing or layoffs, major change, transition initiatives, or as follow-up to traumatic or unsettling events.


​Some of the services we provide include:

  • Group or team interventions

  • One-on-one interventions

  • 24/7 telephonic support for managers to diffuse any situation

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Unresolved conflict can severely affect workplace communication, work performance, and employee job satisfaction, and as a result be costly in terms of lost productivity. Our Mediation and Conflict Resolution Service is a professional and confidential service designed to assist employees with resolving conflict in the workplace. Conflict is a common occurrence, but unfortunately resolution can be difficult, especially if the parties involved have a personal stake in the outcome. Tempers can flare; hurt feelings can inhibit meaningful communication; people can say things out of anger and frustration that they may regret later. FSEAP offers mediation services to assist employees in resolving conflict in a respectful and productive manner.


Critical Incident and Trauma Support

No one can predict when a traumatic event or critical incident will strike in the workplace. Having Critical Incident Response (CIR) services in place following a traumatic event is a helpful means of supporting employees in regaining their ability to function normally. 

FSEAP has been at the leading edge of critical incident response in Canada for decades and has developed deep resources in this field. We offer critical incident response using the principles of psychological first-aid. Rooted in best practices, we support individuals, teams, and organizations during crises and traumatic events.

From first point of contact, we support the recovery of your organization, employees, union members, and dependents 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.

  • Immediate Telephonic Support--Managers, unions, or human resource professionals often benefit from assistance with managing workplace crises. When something happens that concerns you or your employees, call us. We're here to provide immediate and knowledgeable telephonic support.


  • Onsite Trauma Response-- Organizations of all sizes count on us to provide immediate onsite services for situations that are potentially disruptive for workplaces, large and small, including robbery, death, suicide, challenging events in the communities in which we work, and layoffs. 


  • Ongoing Consultation--From the first point of contact to internal resolution, we support managers, employees, union representatives, union members, and dependents 24/7 through personal or workplace crises.


Substance Abuse Professional Services

Substance abuse in the workplace can be hazardous, leading to increased risk of injuries or accidents. An employee's judgement, perception, motor coordination, alertness, and emotional state can be negatively impacted by problematic substance abuse while at work. Additionally, the after-effects of substance use, such as hangovers or withdrawal, can have a detrimental effect on  job performance. For employees in safety sensitive positions, the risks of substance abuse at work can be deadly.


We have a dedicated, highly specialized, and qualified Substance Abuse Professional services (SAPs) team, including centralized coordination with a master’s level addictions specialist. Whether dealing with a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)-regulated or non-DOT-regulated organization, our SAPs use standardized assessment tools to ensure that employees with substance abuse disorders are identified quickly, receive referrals for appropriate treatment, and that all safety, legislative, and policy requirements are met. We have access to a network of facilities across the country, but are not affiliated with any facility or treatment centre, to ensure our customers’ employees are matched with the services and facilities most appropriate to meet their needs.



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FSEAP offers specialized solutions to assist organizations in addressing specific employee, team, or workplace issues that can interfere with performance, productivity, and engagement. Our specialized solutions are designed to assist with mental health, addictions, change, workplace conflict, leadership development, and overall workplace wellness and resiliency. ​

Positive Workplace Framework™

Transform workplace culture, improve employee engagement, and productivity

For organizations interested in making a transformative change with respect to employee engagement and organizational resiliency, FSEAP has designed an evidence-informed Positive Workplace Framework™ (PWF) to assist organizations in achieving optimal workplace wellness. PWF is a proven strategy for increasing employee engagement and performance through enhanced mental fitness, resiliency, positive leadership, and wellness practices. It is designed to capture, and respond, to the unique needs and cultures of companies, by providing a strategic framework approach from which to organize efficient and effective employee wellness programs and services. Our PWF approach:

  • Emphasizes positive, or strength-focused methods.

  • Utilizes services and products that are easily tailored to meet the unique needs of each workplace and organizational setting.

  • Provides learning opportunities that contribute to healthy workplace relationships, effective management practices, and high employee engagement, and productivity.

  • Is available in three formats: on-site, facilitated sessions, online self-study; or via monthly webinars. 


Training and certification of HR specialists and leaders as Wellness Champions is provided as part of the PWF service offerings.

Strategies For Organizational Health And Well-Being

Workplace Assessments

Aligning your organizational goals and employee strategies that create well-being can be a challenging undertaking. Our experts will work with you to help you develop and deliver an organizational well-being strategy that is tied to your organizational goals and employee objectives. These strategies are backed by evidence-based research and best practices. Our consultants work with customers by facilitating needs assessments, employee surveys, strategy development, implementation, monitoring, and measurement to ensure success.

We provide expert consultation and direct services to senior leadership teams in the design and implementation of comprehensive plans for embedding a sound health and wellness program into each organization we serve.

The Supportive Workplace

The Supportive Workplace course empowers managers to build a supportive workplace environment that promotes mental well-being. This seven-module online course offers insight, tools, and best practices to recognize and address the signs of low mental well-being in the workplace to effectively promote employee mental health and work productivity. After completing this course, managers should be able to lead an effective conversation on mental health-related issues, identify suitable ways of support if one of their employees is experiencing a mental health problem, practice self-care to meet their own needs, and apply long-term interventions to create a supportive and psychologically safe workplace environment.


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Workplace Consultations

Our workplace consultation and advisory service provides managers, supervisors, and other key personnel with support to address complex work-related issues and difficult employee situations in a timely manner. Our consultants provide advice and coaching that will help key personnel communicate more effectively with employees and promote employee and organizational well-being.

Policy Development

We partner with our clients to develop new workplace policies or review and enhance existing policies. Our policy experts can help you develop policy to address drug and alcohol in the workplace, accessibility for employees with disabilities, health and safety, harassment and discrimination, and psychological safety.


Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

The importance of leadership is to guide and lead people to a path of success. FSEAP recognizes that both new and seasoned leaders sometimes need additional support to develop their leadership style, skills, and competencies to effectively lead teams to achieve personal and organizational goals.

“When leaders acquire the skills that enable them to release the productive potential and tap the collective capabilities of the group, who knows what positive results will be achieved? Some of them may move mountains.” 
~ Dr. Thomas Gordon


Our executive coaching service assists senior leaders in achieving a mutually identified set of goals to improve professional performance and personal satisfaction, to drive improvements to the effectiveness of the leader's organization. Coaching focuses on enhancing performance and developing leadership skills, and moving leaders into behaviours that sustain both their careers and the organization. Providing executive coaching is usually tied to one or more of the following: strategic goals of the organization, succession planning, and retention strategies.

Our coaching experts work one-on-one to assist leaders to reach their highest potential by working with them to resolve daily issues and integrate new behaviours. Through the use of regularly scheduled telephone coaching sessions, our coaches help executives and aspiring leaders build a path to success without the high cost of travel or absence from the office.


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